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Rapid Recovery

Rapid Recovery is a program for hip and knee patients undergoing joint replacement surgery.

A total hip or knee replacement is a very common and successful operative procedure. The aim is to take away the pain, to restore the ability to do things independently and to resume regular daily activities. Your active involvement in the treatment and recovery process is essential.

How can Rapid Recovery help me?

The most important elements of the Rapid Recovery program are:

  • You are well prepared for surgery by receiving very detailed information before admission
  • Small groups of patients undergo surgery on the same day so they can go through the programme together and provide support and encouragement.
  • You are mobilised the day of, or the day after surgery. You remain in day-time clothes all day long, in a comfortable chair in a living room, without bed rest during the day
  • You are motivated through group therapy and coached by a family member or relative
  • Physiotherapy instructions are given before the operation and after the operation the exercises are done in a group
  • Your discharge day is planned before the operation
  • Home care or rehabilitation is organised before your admission to the hospital
  • Caregivers keep in contact with the patient after discharge, maintaining the quality of care and evaluating patient satisfaction