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Arcos Revision System

For 16:9 format video

The Arcos Modular Femoral Revision System is a comprehensive femoral revision system that meets the demands of complex revision surgery by offering 117 proximal/distal combinations, multiples auxiliary fixation options and one simple instrumentation platform.

This system provides surgeons and O.R. staff customisation, surgical control, O.R. efficiency and reproducibility in a way that addresses patient and practice needs. 

Three proximal body options:

Arcos with BoneMaster


Five distal stem options:
STS (Splined Tapered Stem)
ETO (Extended Trochanteric Osteotomy)

Multiple surgical technique options:
Sterile field

One simple, easy to use instrumentation platform

Standard and high offset options reproduce various patient anatomies without lengthening the leg

Consistent sizing (1mm increments) for increased O.R. efficiency and accurate matching of the patient’s femur

Roller-hardened taper junction technology for greater fatigue strength and three times more strength in cantilever beam testing than non-roller hardened tapers1

Clinically proven PPS coating and BoneMaster hydroxyapatite allows for initial scratch-fit stability and biologic fixation 2-9

Flexibility of titanium allows for stress transfer to preserve cortical density10

*Pending 510(k) clearance, not available for sale in the United States

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